Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Welcoming New Album, Mariah Carey Getting newest Single Release Video: Infinity

Infinity is one of the latest song of famous singer Mariah Carey from the United States. The song is packed together with his old songs that became hits on the charts in many countries are like Vision of Love, Love Takes Time and Someday well as 15 other songs. The total number of songs in the album # 1 is packed to Infinity officially released on May 15, 2015 and is 19 songs, all of which deserve to be heard.

Image source: dipopedia.com

Infinity into another song from Mariah Carey who received a positive response from the observers criticized the music. So that more fans enjoying the song, Mariah Carey has prepared its music video, which until now has not been officially released but already can be seen in particular by Vevo channel provided for Mariah Carey.

Here is a teaser of Mariah Carey's latest single taken from his new album # 1 to Infinity, Infinity. Please listen at the following link: MariahCareyVEVO/videos.
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