Thursday, May 21, 2015

Dipopedia - Partikular Pedia Daring

Dipopedia - Partikular Pedia Daring is a website that delivers a variety of content that includes discussion of diverse themes. Dipopedia can be accessed through the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) from the date of May 20, 2015. To be able to reach more readers then Dipopedia utilizing social media such as Google Plus with a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) In addition to utilizing Google Plus, Dipopedia also use other social media such as Facebook ( and Twitter (

Logo and or Favicon of Dipopedia

As a web site that aims to be able to add insight for visitors, Dipopedia always trying to bring fresh and valuable content. In addition, in order to have its own characteristics, Dipopedia also use a special identity in the form of a logo or favicon is made such that it easier for visitors to recognize it. The logo and favicon in the form of a picture or a magnifying glass (magnifier) white and colored eyes keemasaan image against a green background. Glass image reader (magnifier) was chosen to represent the nature of human curiosity to dig up information on anything while the eye image chosen to represent the nature of human awareness of the circumstances around it. As for the visual, image or logo and favicon from Dipopedia can be seen in the image below.

Thus I can Happenings Dipopedia, Dipo Dwijaya S convey briefly. And humbly, I thank you for the visit and your support.
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