Monday, May 25, 2015

Chelsea FC Advanced For English Premier League 2014-2015

Chelsea Football Club, or simply Chelsea, again re-embrace the Premier League title 2014-2015 season. Football club which has been in operation since 110 years ago or the exact date is March 10, 1905, has ensured the title for the fourth time after 2006, 2007 and 2010 before the league ends after able to beat Crystal Palace 1-0. In the overall number of points, Chelsea left Manchester City and Arsenal with the acquisition of point 8 and 12. Thus, not only entitled to his Chelsea as champions but also the opportunity to perform in the 2015-2016 European Champions League with Manchester City and Arsenal are also Manchester United (if they were qualified).

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Here is road of Chelsea in the English Premier League 2014-2015:
18-8-2014Burnley Vs Chelsea1 - 3Menang
23-8-2014Chelsea Vs Leicester City2 - 0Menang
30-8-2014Everton Vs Chelsea3 - 6Menang
13-9-2014Chelsea Vs Swansea City4 - 2Menang
21-9-2014Manchester City Vs Chelsea1 - 1Seri
27-9-2014Chelsea Vs Aston Villa3 - 0Menang
5-10-2014Chelsea Vs Arsenal2 - 0Menang
18-10-2014Crystal Palace Vs Chelsea1 - 2Menang
26-10-2014Manchester United Vs Chelsea1 - 1Seri
1-11-2014Chelsea Vs Queens Park Rangers2 - 1Menang
8-11-2014Liverpool Vs Chelsea1 - 2Menang
22-11-2014Chelsea Vs West Bromwich Albion2 - 0Menang
29-11-2014Sunderland Vs Chelsea0 - 0Seri
3-12-2014Chelsea Vs Tottenham Hotspur3 - 0Menang
6-12-2014Newcastle United Vs Chelsea2 - 1Kalah
13-12-2014Chelsea Vs Hull City2 - 0Menang
22-12-2014Stoke City Vs Chelsea0 - 2Menang
26-12-2014Chelsea Vs West Ham United2 - 0Menang
28-12-2014Southampton Vs Chelsea1 - 1Seri
1-1-2015Tottenham Hotspur Vs Chelsea5 - 3Kalah
10-1-2015Chelsea Vs Newcastle United2 - 0Menang
17-1-2015Swansea City Vs Chelsea0 - 5Menang
31-1-2015Chelsea Vs Manchester City1 - 1Seri
7-2-2015Aston Villa Vs Chelsea1 - 2Menang
11-2-2015Chelsea Vs Everton1 - 0Menang
21-2-2015Chelsea Vs Burnley1 - 1Seri
4-3-2015West Ham United Vs Chelsea0 - 1Menang
15-3-2015Chelsea Vs Southampton1 - 1Seri
22-3-2015Hull City Vs Chelsea2 - 3Menang
4-4-2015Chelsea Vs Stoke City2 - 1Menang
12-4-2015Queens Park Rangers Vs Chelsea0 - 1Menang
18-4-2015Chelsea Vs Manchester United1 - 0Menang
26-4-2015Arsenal Vs Chelsea0 - 0Seri
29-4-2015Leicester City Vs Chelsea1 - 3Menang
3-5-2015Chelsea Vs Crystal Palace1 - 0Menang
10-5-2015Chelsea Vs Liverpool1 - 1Seri
18-5-2015West Bromwich Albion Vs Chelsea3 - 0Kalah
24-5-2015Chelsea Vs Sunderland3 - 1Menang

Congratulations to Chelsea Football Club for their success to embrace the Premier League title 2014-2015 season.
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