Sunday, May 24, 2015

5 Asian Marvel's Superhero

Marvel turns out to have some bloody superhero Asia although rarely featured in the film. Who are they?

That means, rarely or even no Marvel superhero coming from Asia that is displayed in the film production. Whereas in the pile of comics, Marvel has published several superhero who comes from Asia. Which superhero who comes from Asia? Here's the review!


Amadeus Cho

If you've seen the movie continuation of The Avengers, must have been quite familiar with the figure of the character geneticist who came from Korea, namely Helen Cho (Claudia Kim). Helen Cho has named Amadeus Cho children who have high intelligence in the face of this earth. Amadeus Cho is projected to become The Next Iron Spider.


Asia's bloody superhero from the comic strip often appear one to another like a comic comics Guardian of the Galaxy, The Avengers, Silver Surfer, and so on. Vietnam German mixed blood, capable of seeing the future Mantis martial and qualified.

Omega Sentinel

In the comic X-Men Unlimited # 27 - New Dawn Rising, Marvel raises Karima Shapandar who has the nickname Omega Sentinel. Detective reliable based on Calcullta, India is the super-powered cyborg where speed and outstanding durability. Aside from being able to fly, he was also able to control and communicate with the machine.


Cindy Moon, the original name of Silk is an Asian-American superhero who recently introduced by Marvel that has strength like Spider-man.


Created by Marvel, Sunfire is the first superhero of Japan. Shiro Yoshida, the real name behind superhero Sunfire, exposed to solar radiation makes for a mutant and he joined the Uncanny Avengers.
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