Thursday, May 21, 2015

Facebook Invite Marketers Make the Moment of Ramadan

In June and July of last year, Muslims in Indonesia should undergo fasting in Ramadan. By utilizing Facebook, they spend a lot of time, especially starting at 9 pm until midnight during Ramadan last year. Facebook noted an increase on average by 70% the number of active users every hour before midnight.

From the research done up, there are three important findings for marketers to take advantage of the moment of Ramadan, namely:
  1. Be a friend of the mother. Ramadan moments generally used also to explore the culinary variety. Ranging from snacks as meals to break the fast until the main course at dawn. It is an opportunity for marketers to give an idea about the recipes, keeping the home neatness and productivity tips during Ramadan.
  2. Start earlier. The discourse about the fasting month beginning at least one month before the first day of fasting lasts. This moment should be used to start a marketing campaign as well.
  3. Become increasingly fit. By knowing the activity cycle potential customers during the month of Ramadan it will affect the delivery of the appropriate message to the prospective customers.

To be able to take advantage of the moment of Ramadan to further increase business activity, please pay attention for this info graphic below.

Facebook Ramadan in Indonesia

Info graphic source: Facebook for Business
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