Monday, May 25, 2015

In Between PTCIndo, Primaklik And KlikAjaDeh

PTCIndo, Primaklik and KlikAjaDeh are three different web sites but has the same kind of services where the users of its services have the opportunity to earn money from the internet with the terms and conditions and predetermined manner and must be obeyed. Despite having terms and conditions and treating the same way in both service users PTCIndo, Primaklik and KlikAjaDeh distinct added value for the users of its services.

Similarities between the three well PTCIndo, Primaklik and KlikAjaDeh require users to access some of the ads that have been determined. Users will be paid if the ad is allowed to leave the window open within a certain time if it does not, for example, users move the window, then the countdown timer installed will stop and of course this will make users be longer to obtain the expected added value.


The magnitude of the added value obtained by the users of PTCIndo, Primaklik and KlikAjaDeh very different where the added value of PTCIndo higher than Primaklik and KlikAjaDeh. PTCIndo highest added value can be obtained by the users of this type of ad Click Advertising Jago and Bangkok as well as Ad Click Banner. If the added value is considered too small then either PTCIndo, and KlikAjaDeh Primaklik program offers Premium member status.

If you are interested in trying the service of PTCIndo, Primaklik and KlikAjaDeh, please access the following link:
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