Monday, May 25, 2015

Is It Matter Verify Ownership Website / Blog?

Verify ownership of a website / blog is not a significant thing to do but it's good that steps be taken. In verifying ownership, in general, the webmaster - so common designation managing web sites / blogs - take advantage of various online services both free and paid. By verifying ownership of the website / blog that they believe that a website / blog is quite significant in the eyes of the robot crawls owned by search sites like Google, Bing or Yahoo! and others.

Seeing the fact many people use Google to search the internet then the webmaster should verify through Google Webmaster Tools. As for the further development, webmasters also need to verify a website / blog that they manage to Bing Webmaster and Yandex Webmaster. To verify a web site / blog on Google, Bing and Yandex can be done for free and do not take a long time (of course depending on the speed of data transfer of the internet connection used) as well as easy.

Metode Verifikasi

What should be done to verify the web site / blog of course need to register to Google Webmaster Tools (Google Search Console) and Bing Webmaster also Yandex Webmaster. Then proceed with the URL of the website / blog to get a verification code that must be installed on it. After that, simply by pressing a button automatically verifying the robot crawlers will verify the given code. If successful, should continue to do so as to facilitate the inclusion sitemap robot crawlers to index the website / blog. In verifying, can be done in various ways, among others by including meta tag verification or through a verification file obtained from the download which must then be uploaded to a web site directory / blog.

Be careful in applying the robots text on the website / blog you because it will affect the search results at the same indexing to website / blog. Web site / blog at Blogger can make adjustments to the text search robots through the Preferences menu > crawlers and indexing. Him there are two sub-menus that special robots text and tags canopy special robot. More information about the robots text can be seen through the many references.
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