Thursday, May 21, 2015

To Whom European Champions League final in 2015 Will Be? Juventus or Barcelona?

Olympiastadion will be a silent witness to a battle of two of Europe's best clubs in the Champions League from 2014 to 2015. The stadium is located in Berlin, Germany is a stadium which was established to support the 1936 Summer Olympic event. In the heyday Olympiastadion has a capacity of 100,000 (One Hundred Thousand) audience but rejuvenation of the stadium facilities makes its capacity shrank to 74 475 spectators. Although not diminish its capacity to shrink fanfare activity in it. European Football Organization even chose it as the crowning point of the 2014-2015 Champions League will be contested by Juventus and Barcelona.

Juventus and Barcelona are the two top-level football clubs were not only dominated the competition in their respective countries. Juventus is the sole ruler League summit race for the Italian Serie A title with a collection of as much as 31 degrees. Although his performance was marred by cases Calciopoli in 2006 that led to Juventus had to play in Serie B, but it does not diminish his zeal to show the strength of their actual return. Juventus even able to defend the title won Serie A since the 2011-2012 seasons until 2013-14. Position Juventus in the Serie A standings League 2014-2015 season has been steady at the peak of its competitors such as Roma, Lazio and Napoli will not be able to exceed the value of which is owned by Juventus match. Now, Juventus just need to concentrate on the peak of the Champions League against Barcelona. Barcelona condition does not vary much with Juventus, the club is based at Camp Nou also has a great chance to clinch the Champions League title to complete the La Liga title that had previously achieved.

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Juventus Vs Barcelona

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Although both teams either Juventus or Barcelona is a tough team, but there will only be one that won the Champions League 2014-2015 will be held at the stadium pride of the German people, Olimpiastadion.

If you look at the record of the sharpness to make a goal could be known that Barcelona are superior to Juventus but Barcelona should be able to improve their defense who have conceded much larger than the Juventus because otherwise the defensive weaknesses will provide great opportunities for Juventus to score the winning goal. On the other hand, the peak of the Champions League 2014-2015 game is the last chance for Lionel Messi as well for Barcelona striker sharpest and highest caste European football arena.

Enjoy high-quality game of the best teams in Europe between Juventus and Barcelona in the Champions League Final Champions of Europe 2015. May the best team wins.
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