Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Why I Choose REXCO Compared to Other Brands?

Why I Choose REXCO Compared to Other Brands? is the theme of a writing competition organized by REXCO Indonesia. Writing competition has been running since August 2015 and last until November 20, 2015. Announcement of the winner of the competition is planned to write REXCO Indonesia conducted on 27 November 2015.


As a matter discussion REXCO Indonesia requires participants to undertake a review of some of its products through a paper published properly and include some keywords (keywords that have been determined) if the keywords (keywords) that are not listed properly and correctly then not be able to follow The writing competition. Put up banners membership sign competition is also a requirement that must be met by participants who have passed the stage of the review conducted by the team competition to write REXCO Indonesia.

Competition write REXCO Indonesia provides millions of rupiah as a reward for the three participants who won three top ranking on Google search results pages Indonesia. Meanwhile, two other prizes awarded to participants who presents the best content writing and content best photos. Both the winners based on the ranking of Google search results Indonesia as well as the winner of the best picture content writing and must have met the requirements and conditions which can be viewed at the following link: REXCO - Let's Write Your REXCOperience.
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